Writer blocks: An opportunity to step into a higher version of yourself.

I recently took a year off from my blog that what was formerly named Nourish Nurture Inspire. Despite a heap of unfinished drafts, I found myself in a major writers block which I didn’t realise at the time was an important time for me to shift my stunted creative energy in to fulling experiencing life in the ways it was opening to me, ways that pushed me out of my comfort zone to higher levels of myself, to learn more about different ways of being and understanding others which has all expanded my mind with new knowledge and new perspectives.

The last year has involved meeting Mr. Right, travelling to 10 countries, quitting my 9-5 office job to working online remotely, starting an online digital business and relocating from the East of Australia where I have spent all of my life to the beautiful sunsets of the West.

In the perfect timing it has taken I have been brought back to my blog with a renewed sense of self, a change in lifestyle and an expanded mindset. It is with absolute delight I can now introduce you to La Luza Blog, a space where I will be sharing my adventures, learnings and interests 🙂

Please subscribe to keep updated on new posts and thank you to those who have been following me from the start of my blogging journey, it’s you that has made the blogging journey my purpose.

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  1. Gina Avatar

    Woo welcome back!

  1. Woo welcome back!

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