Universally we understand that there is day and night, woman and man, life and death. 
Without the two states of wake and sleep our energy reserve would deplete. Without man and woman we would never see the creation of miraculous life and without dying there would be no living.

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The duality of these polar opposites complement each other in the same way joy and sufferance do in our lives.
We can aim to be in a happy and positive state all of the time. However, we are emotional beings that connect to the outside world in one way or another and it is because of this that no one is beyond the reach of the unwanted hands that adversity can throw us. Among the varying extremities that adversity can be experienced is to the same degree that we can also experience joy and happiness.

You see it’s in the face of adversity that we unconsciously undermine the value it can hold for us, which of course can be very hard to see, especially when one has reached the point of being brought to their knees with their hands up screaming “why me”. The value is found in firstly recognising how these experiences affect us and connecting back to ones self with compassion, awareness, healthy expression and help from others or professionally. Confronting what you do not want to see or that is to painful to see is fundamental to your own self-healing which ultimately enables conscious action in the way you navigate forward.

After the initial rawness of a negative experience subsides we tend to continue going on about our day-to-day life. The common mentality of ‘getting over it’ and ‘moving on’ is more geared towards methods of distraction, which sure at times can certainly feel like it aids us. This only really aids temporarily until our ignorance wants to remind us of what is unresolved and surface in bouts of sadness, anger, over-indulgence, self-hate, procrastination, hopelessness and other destructive to self or others to the same capacity that we are repressing it.

Just like the contrast of day and night, they oppose each other but they are not really separated. Without knowing suffering, the existence of joy and happiness would not be an emotion we could truly comprehend or perceive as something that is good to us. If we were happy all of the time that would be our only state of being which would ultimately be meaningless to us because it ceases knowledge of anything else.


The saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel perfectly symbolises the connection to dark and light (sufferance & joy). There is always a link from one to the other and the tunnel or path is part of your overall life journey. At the very end of the spectrum in the realms of what seems to be permanent darkness and everything else in between is never without light nearby. The process in if and how we choose to seek our light solely relies on our own strength and will, all contributing to way we evolve and grow as person..

The process is going to look different for all of us as we are all on different journeys after all. Some of us have the ability to take the good with the bad, some of us think we’re stuck in darkness forever, some of us take longer to heal than others and some of us try to ignore that there is any darkness at all. What remains the same is that change is constant and no one will suffer forever, we move through the motions of sufferance in the ways we see best at that given point in time in our lives, even if what we see best at that point really isn’t the best course of action for us at all. In all of the swarming negativity that adversity serves us is also where self-discovery and teachings become available to us. What we can learn about ourselves is invaluable to our personal growth so much that it’s relevance can not be discredited during the good times in life when we experience joy, success and happiness.



The place where the light and dark begin to touch is where miracles arise”Robert A. Johnson


Disclaimer: The information provided is just a view, it is by no means intended to substitute professional advice or treatment.

  1. Absolutely, I agree. Not only is some adversity unavoidable, but it also enhances our happiness. Of course, we do what we can to mitigate the difficulties – our species’ progress requires no less – but it never will disappear altogether, nor would we desire it to.

  2. Beautifully written. The duality of joy and suffering can be liken to that of spirituality and physicality, each necessary for the other to be known.🙏❤️😊

    1. Thank you for commenting Mr. Mel 🙏. Our perception of self and life moving forward after the mind and soul has reached this level of awareness is changed forever 💛.

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