INTUITIVE EATING – The Anti-Diet Approach Unique to You

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Do any of the following questions resonate with you?

  • Do you deprive yourself of food giving your body little to no sustenance to function normally?
  • Do you restrict yourself of certain foods that you find yourself over-indulging in anyway?
  • Do you feel guilty when you do indulge in your delicious pleasures?

If so, me too! in fact I have been guilty of all three throughout my life until of course my relationship with food improved. 

Did you know our bodies give us signals all of the time beyond the obvious indicators of hunger and fullness.  When we are receptive to these signs is where we can tune into the wisdom of our inner body to make choices around what, how much and when to eat food without judgement. Intuitive eating is a anti-diet approach to your health and wellness whereby you learn to trust your intuitive body, in turn improving your relationship with food and how you feel every day.

The podcast below gives a great overview on the topic and what intuitive eating can do for you.

If you’re really interested in adapting this approach, below is a link to a beginners guide by Nutritionist Rachael Hartley.

Rachael Hartley Nutrition

Nourish Nurture Inspire

Disclaimer: The information provided on intuitive eating are collective views on an optional anti-diet approach to your health and wellness, it is not intended to substitute any medical advice that is relevant to your dietary requirements.  

  1. About two years ago I began my nondiet—similar to intuitive eating. Nothing is banned (that just leads to craving/pigouts for me), but I think a lot more about portion size. Most of the time it works. Thanks for your insights and for following WordSisters.

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